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Day 7,8,9

London and Lyndsey leaving me


I don't remember how the London trip went exactly because I have waited so long to blog but I will try to reconstitute it as best as I can-

Londond was awesome! Danitza served as our tour guide which made the trip very easy. She knows London like the back of her hand and also knows how to work the metro system.

The following pictures are the last one of lyndsey in Belgium in front of Danitza's mom's house. She took us to the train station very early in the morning. The underground is what the metro is called in London. Our hotel in London was on Montague street- so of course I had to take a picture of that and of a red phone booth. Lyndsey wanted a superman costume so she could pop out of one but the booths were all a little too stinky.


We couldn't check in quite yet so we started touring London as soon as we arrived. The london eye is the ferris wheel you take to see everything possible in London. We didn't ride it because the line was enormously too long but it looked cool enough from far away. You can also see that the weather wasn't great the first day. We had jackets on but fortunately missed the rain.


There is also a picture of big ben from far away and other random buildings that I cannot name. I kept waiting for Peter Pan to fly by.


We got to see Parliement square- the buildings that explode in V for Vendetta. There were boycotters parked on the lawn. They have been there for the last 5 years fighting against the war overseas.Brugges_an..don_055.jpgBrugges_an..don_056.jpgBrugges_an..don_057.jpgBrugges_an..don_058.jpg

We then took a stroll in the park leading to Buckingham Palace. The park was awesome. It had many lakes, many species of birds and flowers, all explained to us as we went along. Lyndsey was most amused by the squirrel that begged people for food.


We didn't get very close to the palace, because of the crowd. We did manage to snap a few pictures at the change of guards.

Next, we went to THE original Hard Rock Cafe where we bought things and ate lunch. We then took a tour of their vault for old memorabilia. It was really cool.


From Madonna's undergarments to Elton John's old credit card, there were a lot of cool things. I can say however- that lunch at the Hard Rock was the most expensive meal we had in London and second most expensive to dinner in the Eiffel tower.

Next are pictures of Madame Tousseaud's wax museum. They have wax statues of many celebrities which look real as day. Madame Tousseaud, in her day, was a real person who made wax replicas of people who had gotten beheaded. It is a strange and morbid story but one that has made people really want to see the wax figures.


My favorites include telling Tiger "I told you so" and posing with Tom Cruize.

We also stopped by Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes lived and where the Beatles store is too.


After all that- We finally got to check in. The room was great. Each of us had a bed, we had tall ceilings and a big shower.


Day 8: Better weather and better sleep

Next are pictures of the church where Diana got married, where many things take place for people of importance in London...but I cannot remember the name of it. We walked in but didn't tour all of it.


We got to see the Millenium bridge which is the newest bridge in London. It appears in one of the Harry Potter movies and is a "smart bridge". It moves with the vibrations and winds it feels....and next are pictures of the Shakespeare Globe theater. It was great! They re-created the theater where Shakespeare composed and acted out many of his plays. The amount of information I got is enornous and cannot share all with you but the pictures show the stage as it was back in the day, made of the same materials, same dimensions, and all. They put on plays like back then, without a roof, with penny pincher seats and all...


Next are picture of the tower bridge. I didn't like the blue they used on the bridge but apparently there is no changing that since it has always been that color.


Next are pictures of the Cathedral St. Paul, we went there the day it was closed-we didn't know-because it appears in the DeVinci Code. It was still very pretty to see!


The last two pictures are one of the double decker bus and a picture outside the hotel.

Although I didn't take a picture of our meal at lunch, it may have been the best japonese food ever. Real ramen noodles in a miso soup---hmmm, delicious. That night we ate a great italian restaurant tucked in a small alley. The server barely spoke english and the food was delicious and cheap. A great ending before Lyndsey returned to the US.

Day 9:

A last picture of all three of us.


It was sad seeing Lyndsey leave but I was happy she would get to see Cory. It turns out that Cory would ask her hand in marriage when she returned home. Congrats Lyndsey!

In the meantime, Danitza and I had one last day in London. We decided to do some shopping. Because we were up much earlier than when the stores opened, we decided to tour the city a little more. You see pictures of Piccadily circus and the one painting I posted is the picture of Van Gogh at the National Gallery museum. Pictures were not allowed and I was quickly told not to do it again! The museum was free and awesome.

The last pictures include my one English meal- fish and chips- which was good but way too much for lunch. Also, before leaving London, we stopped at platform 9 and 3/4, for all Harry Potter fans, and I took a picture as , I went through the wall too...too cool.


Goodbye London!

The next blogs will be less interesting for those who are not familiar with my family and friends here in Belgium but I will be posting them soon too. miss everyone and only one more week till I return to TN!

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