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Day 4, 5, and 6

Going from Paris to Belgium and getting ready for London

Day 4

Our last full day in Paris! Lyndsey and I decided to save this day for catching up on anything we had not done yet before leaving France. So of course, it was spent on shopping! Believe it or not, after letting ourselves sleep in and hitting the tourist shops and regular shops, our day had already flown by. Lyndsey managed to buy half of a chocolate store and a cooler bag to make sure it didn't melt, and I bought everything from a Paris apron to a Paris bracelet...I know, cheesy but you have very few chances in your life to really be cheesy and live it down.

As the evening came around, I got ready for my "rendez vous" with Zeneta. This was interesting. As I left to meet her a few mintutes before we had to meet, I forgot to double check our meeting place and also forgot to carry around my phone numbers in case I needed to call for emergency reasons. I got to the metro station and....no Zeneta! I immediately knew I had gone to the wrong place.

After trying 20 different numbers which were supposed to equal what we know to be 411, getting hit on by a police officer after asking for his help, and THEN getting hit on by the cab driver who took me back to the hotel and then to meet Zeneta, I finally had made it to where I was supposed to be.

Although I wish I could sum up the night she and I had, I can't but we had a great time together and I hope that another 10 years don't have to go by again to hang out the way we did that night.

Day 4,5, and 6 007

Day 4,5, and 6 007

There are pictures of her dog Kaya, whom she brought to the wine bar...cutie pie!

Day 5

Leaving Paris...we got our bags packed, took some final pictures and headed for Brussels and Brugges. We had to take the train in order to this- the Eurostar at the Gare du Nord in Paris.


The whole train situation was a little confusing to figure out but we did make it. Here are some pictures we took of Brussels. Lyndsey had her first experience with the "Grand Place" and the little statue of the boy who pies, "Mannikenpis". We also stopped at the purely Belgian fastfood place called "Quick" where Lyndsey ordered a burger the size of her head. The picture of the bronzy gold woman is supposed to bring you good luck if you rub her which explains why so many parts of her are worn down and shinier than other spots.


Day 6

We joined my friend Danitza to visit Brugges, then visit the town of Mons close to where I grew up so we could all catch the train to London the next day. Brugges was beautiful...but it was cold- we had jackets on most of the day. It had rained the day before which really brought the temperature down.


The picture of the two boys from Alice in Wonderland is made completely out of chocolate!Yum!

Our lunch really put us back on track! We finished Brugges by looking at the canals and eating an awesome Belgian waffle.

We then headed to Mons, which is the bigger town close to where I grew up. It will be the cultural capital of Europe in 2015 and annual hosts the battle between the dragon in the heart of the city. This battle has a lot of myths and folktales incorporated into many things they do in that town. Sometimes, I look at how pretty it is and think that I would rather spend time in Mons than in Paris because the architecture is the same but I wouldn't have to fight crowds.


Of course we also had to take a picture with the famous monkey which also brings luck if you rub it with your hand closest to your heart.

We enjoyed going to the St. Vaudrue's church and its watch tower, placed at the highest point in the city. It had wonderful views and the church held a beautiful chariot in charge of carrying the saint's relics during festivals each year. All of us lit candles in the church to make a prayer---mine involved praying to a Saint that would help me not lose things....hope it works! I just love this city!


I inserted a picture of getting caught in horrible rain! The last pictures are of us eating the best fries of our lives at "Chez Bily"....That is all folks. Next blog will be of London-soon!

Miss everyone!

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Bonjour! I swear I am obsessed w your holiday! I have been checking dang Facebook regularly! I KNOW!! I am so glad you Lyndsey n Danitza are enjoying n exploring. Think I missed the pic of the lucky monkey. Please be safe in your travels. I miss you Master C n can barely wait for your safe return! Je t'aime!

by Matilda E

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